April 2016

There is no why

A pit so deep

there is no sky

no stars above to serve as guide

there is no reason

nothing done or said

it’s not the season

or something seen or read

Depression has no why


As I came around the corner

I felt your warm embrace,

breathed your familiar scent

as a breeze caressed my face.

I searched upon the wind

to find a tiny trace

of something that would tell me

you transcended time and space.

I often feel your presence

although you are not there

as long as I remember

your spirit shall endure.

Souls Meeting

Eternity can be ours

though we seem to have but moments

life flashing like the meteors

among the nighttime stars

You and I have met before

joyfully to share once more

the journey to explore

Life lasts a fleeting moment

but we’ll meet again each time

to explore eternal mysteries

as your soul speaks to mine

Broken dreams

Broken pieces of yesterday

left along the byway

all the shattered dreams

abandoned on the highway

Yesterday is dead and gone

tomorrow cannot come

broken people

broken dreams

wasted lives

mired in the past

Memories remain

Building memories

to last a lifetime

Seeing familiar places

through your fresh eyes

Watching love grow

along with family ties

Visits always end

but memories remain

to console when you’re not here

until we meet again




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