February 2016


You balance me

and make me whole

fill the empty spaces

with your love

comfort and sustain me

through life’s daily toil

console me when things go wrong

encourage me when all is right

let me fly by day

enfold me in your arms at night

you are my heart and soul

you balance me

and keep me whole



Time Passes

Time blurs, it passes so fast

was it only yesterday

that I saw you last?

Or do the years deceive me

and it’s in the distant past.

The little child has grown up

with children of her own.

How is that even possible,

the time has really flown.

I’m sure I heard your voice just now

and yet I know you’re gone.

I look into the mirror

and see a stranger’s face.

Who is this looking back at me

so wrinkled and so grey?

The years have passed

I did not see

how fast they would go by.

It’s all now just a memory

vanished in the blink of an eye.



Not Perfect

It’s okay not to be perfect

so the wise ones say

but perfect’s what I strive for

each and every day.

Never have I made it

which causes some distress

feeling like I’ve fallen short

leaves me in a mess.

Tomorrow is another day

I know I’ll try again

reaching for the golden star

just beyond my hand.


Standing at the precipice

looking into the abyss

eternity staring back

with cold blank eyes


moments pass, life is weighed

time stands still

a step back, then another

reaching blindly back

for hope


I can’t remember any more

my Mama said to me

all the things I once held dear

are becoming lost, you see.

I cried inside but smiled and said

it’s okay you know.

Your memories will not fade away

I hold them in my heart

I will remember every day

for both of us until

the stars begin to dim

and the universe stands still.

Tales of a lifetime

Time will tell the tale

of a life well spent

or one where time was wasted

the story of loves lost

so others could be realized

the tale of laughter and of tears

of joy and sorrow

of triumph and fears

and when the end is finally written

whether happy one or sad

only time has told the tale

of the lifetime that was had


A stone, when it’s thrown

cannot be recalled.

It continues on

to hit and hurt and break.

A word has power too

once spoken cannot be unsaid.

Consider then, the consequence

of thrown stone and word.

Be sure to check and be quite certain

you want them to be heard.


Thoughts and Stories

Thoughts jumble and tumble

and race through my head

looking for words that fit.

Fingers trip and tangle

on the keyboard

to free the words I find.

Thought released becomes a story

I can finally tell

Quiet now my mind will rest

until the next thought rings the bell.


Lost in a world

of my own imagination

trying to find the way

back to what is real

Shadows menace

voices whisper threats

a maze of thought

to navigate

unable to find

the way back home


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