January 2016


Some days, tears flow freely

coursing down my face

in never ending rivers

Days when sorrow follows closely

a familiar companion sharing my space

Grief knows no time limit

sorrow knows no bounds

only endless lonely hours

when tears silently fall down

Winter Moon

Cold Wolf moon of January

reflects on new fallen snow

casting shadows in the trees

a silent world of black and silver glow

The Hunger moon is yet to come

when snow lies cold and deep

and all the creatures of the woods

dream in their winter sleep

The winter moons haunt my soul

with frozen hungry yearning

waiting for the spring to come

another season turning.



Solitude is a destination

deep within the soul

a place to hide the hurt and pain

as the journey of life unfolds

it harbours joy and hope at times

at others dark despair

That solitude within myself

the real me lives in there

Time Lost

Talking to myself

sitting here alone

wondering how it happened

Where’d I lose the time

All those days

between then and now

lost and left behind


Heart Wounds

To feel too deeply

means every wound

cuts deep

scarring heart and soul.


the bleeding never stops.

Fleeting glimpses of joy

can slow the flow

of heart’s lifeblood

so life and hope survive

until the next

heartfelt blow

devastates anew.


Hidden Soul

You can still see

the soul beneath

the battered, weary face

Eyes that reflect

pain and loss and longing

yet hope for love

in spite of all

they have witnessed

The gentle spirit

lives within

guarded yet still strong

Fog II

Eerie calm of fog shrouded lake

Birds wheel and circle silently

through the misty air

Partly seen reflections

of life glimpsed in glassy water

Make me wonder

What is real?

Surfer (for Daniel)

The surfer paddles slowly

to greet the breaking day

Rose and coral wisps of cloud

grace the blue beyond

He turns to meet

the cresting waves

on molten golden sea

As sun breaks forth

he paddles faster, rising

a flashing form beside him

leaps with a sudden splash

Dolphins surf there with him

Kindred spirits in the morn

He laughs with boundless joy

as they chatter laughter back

Racing through the waves and foam

both creatures of the dawn.


The Year Passes

Say farewell

to the Year that was

with all its ups and downs

Love lost, love found

the wheel just turns

keeps spinning round and round

Some joy, some pain

like any year

yet still not quite the same

Say farewell

for now it’s done

Tomorrow we start again.


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