December 2015

Suddenly Winter

It started snowing heavily

sometime overnight

now everything is covered

in a cold blanket of white

Birds and squirrels have disappeared

keeping warm in hidden nests

As for me, I’ll stay inside

and put the fire on

dream some dreams of someplace warm

sitting by my fireside.


Gathering fog calls out

come hide in me

Shadows will protect you

keep you safe,

set you free.

Lost in fog and darkness

trapped by dark deceit

safety an illusion,

freedom never found.

Swirling mist then enters

body, soul and mind

erasing all emotion

leaving emptiness behind.


For Paul

Your smiling face

is in my dreams

there we talk and wander

roads that life denied

I know your voice

your laugh, your sigh

all are familiar and dear

In my dreams

my brother lives.


Happy 50th birthday

Forever missed. Forever loved.



Reflections of life

in calm sheltered water


by a thoughtlessly thrown stone

Images of life fractured

become scattered

disparate pieces

of reality

Destruction rippling outward

through place and time

Water stills

reflected life returns

forever altered.


Restless water

echoes restless mind

wind and water churn

thoughts twist and turn

where does one end

and the other begin

waves lash angrily at the shore

words slash cruelly even more

storm builds to wild crescendo

a maelstrom of water and sound

Wandering Minds

When your mind wanders,

where does it go?

Does it visit far off places

Is it like a picture show

Do you see familiar faces

of loved ones lost and gone

Are there gardens, trees or waterfalls

in cities you have known

Where does your mind wander

when  you let it go?

What if

What if

instead of hatred

there was love.

What if

instead of them

there was we.

What if

instead of war

there was peace.

Imagine, John Lennon sang

back when we were young

When nothing was impossible

We thought we’d get it done.

Yet here we are,

that legacy is lost

leaving us to ponder

What if?


Quiet Nights

Quiet nights alone

Music turned down low

Cat is gently purring

Whiskers twitching slow

No other sounds intrude

on a quiet contemplative mood.

Music brings back memories

Poignant, sweet and sad

People, places, times gone by

Things done and said

and might have been.

They drift on notes of songs

passing on the tides of time

back where they belong.

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