Shadow self
the pieces of me
I tried to discard
or hide
There are tears
deep inside
that no one
ever sees
Fragmented, broken
held together
by hope
and love
that never gives up



I wish
for impossible things
the joy of your smile
the touch of your hand
the twinkle in your eye
I wish
for impossible things
a minute more
an hour longer
a day to savour
a year to just be with you
I wish
things didn’t change
but they did
and now the world
is forever


I was angry with you
for leaving
angry that we didn’t
have more time
Angry at God
for taking you
before I was ready
I could never be ready
I was angry at myself
for letting you go
angry for wanting
to keep you
though I knew it was your time
I want to let go of anger
Leave sorrow behind
but I’m not sure
I know how


I am part of everything
and everyone
I love
Part of everyone
there is
and of everything
that ever will be
Your love lives
in me
and my love lives
in you
Hearts entwined
souls joined
through the ages
We’ve lived
and laughed
and loved
separate and together
lost and found
Parts of a whole
Waiting for all the pieces
To come together

What matters

Young man
You’re not old enough
To know what matters most
To see the world so clearly
To hear the sound so close
Old man
You’re not young enough
To have the time
to learn what matters most
To see the world more clearly
to hear the sound so close
Of life and love and laughter
And time that matters most

Remembrance 2017

In Flander’s mud
they paid the price
shed their blood
left behind their lives
Lying still in Flander’s fields
Where crosses mark their days
A hundred years have passed
And still the fight goes on
You see it in the faces
And in young-old soldiers’ eyes
Memories of comrades
how they lived
and where they died
We owe a debt
that can’t be paid
to each and every one
though they surely say
There is no debt
they gave it all
with free and willing heart



The voice whispers
come closer
draw nigh
I will tell you all my secrets
by and by
Step by step I venture
to the beckoning dark
drawing ever closer
watching for a mark
Just a little nearer
the ghostly whisper sighs
now just at the threshold
where mysteries abide
In eternal darkness
I seek but never find
answers to the questions
asked within my mind

Past Future Present

Voices lost in the past
smiles vanished
With the relentless
passing of Time
Echoes of future possibilities
unknowable, untouchable
inaccessible mysteries
of Time to come
There is only Eternal Now
one moment
forever perched on the threshold
of a black hole’s event horizon
Now is Forever
all that ever was
or ever could have been


The dream dies slowly
dimming until it’s gone
The world’s not made
for dreamers
Drifting on the shifting currents
of cold reality
they are lost
with nowhere
for dreams to thrive

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