Sister is your special friend
With you all your life
Standing there beside you
Through life’s daily strife
So much love to get and give
She really is an angel
I cherish while I live

My Brother

Brother of my blood
Brother of my heart
Nothing on this earth
Can keep us apart
Companion of my youth
Cherished every day
We’ll stick by each other
Forever, come what may

Broken Memories

The china cup lay shattered
in pieces on the floor
broken beyond mending
beautiful no more
My heart was broken with it
for that cup was so much more
holding precious memories
of Mama from before
Memories are not bound
in the things that we hold dear
and yet those special pieces
seem to hold them near


The darkness inside
hides me
keeping emotion secret
And solitary
The darkness inside
hides you
invisible to my eye
unable to feel your presence
The darkness inside
consumes us

Fallen Angel

The night begins with darkness
That daylight pushes back
Life affirming sunlight
Banishes the dark
Light falling from the heavens
Into the darkness below
Deep inside the Angel lives
the bright soul that will survive
Until light triumphs
And shines into the darkest of lost souls
Earthly darkness fades
Vanquished by the light
Joyous reunions promise
Everlasting bright
For in the end
This truth remains
Without light there is no darkness
And without dark
There is no flame

New Year’s 2016/2017

Another year is over
It’s story has been told
Of lives that reached an ending
Some quiet, others bold
New life just beginning
A tale yet to unfold
Joy and sorrow mingle
Looking back I see
Reflections of the days now past
Fade into memory


You lied
when you said
you loved me
You lied
when you told me
you cared
You said you would
never leave me
And always
would be there
Now I am alone
because I believed
your lies


Anywhere but here
my spirit wanders
seeking ever seeking
days without meaning
nights without end
Some days are harder
than others
searching for something
never finding
Becoming tired
longing for an end
to pointless wandering

Remembrance 2016

Birch leaves dance
in slightest breeze
whispering the stories
of those who walked
the path before
Tales of woes
tales of glories
that are not heard
any more
They fought our wars
they built our land
We owe a debt
That must still stand
Remember then
on this somber day
the lives of those
who walked this way
in autumn sunlight
where birch trees sway

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