Years pass
while we wait
to grow up
to find love
to find the perfect job
to find that dream home
Months pass
while we wait
for the birth of a child
for the return of a lover
Days pass
while we wait
for a letter
for a call
Minutes pass
when we realize
life is wasted waiting
And now
the wait is over


Lives entwined
through the ages
Meeting, parting
loving, leaving
souls destined
for each other
Sometimes seeking
always finding
Love that was
meant to be


I seek
but never find
Ask questions
that have no answer
Reach for dreams
just beyond my grasp
Life is not a destination
it’s a journey
with no end

Time passes

Time slips away
hour follows hour
day passes day
I look into the mirror
a stranger looks at me
So many things I could have done
so much left unsaid
a lifetime now of memories
running through my head
Where did all the time go
the people that I loved
gone into the past now
with the time that fled

Echoes of a heartbeat

I hope each time
that you will stay
but in my heart I know
that happiness
is fleeting
and in the end
you’ll go
Like wishes fading quickly
into memory
the time we shared
passed swiftly
leaving only echoes
of a heartbeat
seeking, never finding
a love now lost and flown


Sister is your special friend
With you all your life
Standing there beside you
Through life’s daily strife
So much love to get and give
She really is an angel
I cherish while I live

My Brother

Brother of my blood
Brother of my heart
Nothing on this earth
Can keep us apart
Companion of my youth
Cherished every day
We’ll stick by each other
Forever, come what may

Broken Memories

The china cup lay shattered
in pieces on the floor
broken beyond mending
beautiful no more
My heart was broken with it
for that cup was so much more
holding precious memories
of Mama from before
Memories are not bound
in the things that we hold dear
and yet those special pieces
seem to hold them near


The darkness inside
hides me
keeping emotion secret
And solitary
The darkness inside
hides you
invisible to my eye
unable to feel your presence
The darkness inside
consumes us

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